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June 2019 ISSUE - Editorial Lineup

  • How Women in CRE are Transforming Experience and Psychological Wellbeing at Work

  • Meet AI, My New Coworker

  • Partnering to Transform the Employee Experience: Citrix’ Journey to Align People, Place and Technology

  • Utilization is Sooo Yesterday: Beyond Butts in Seats, The Next Generation of Data Capture

  • Diversity and Inclusion

  • New Work, New Workplaces

  • Evolving Role of Corporate Real Estate

  • From ‘Green’ Cleaning to Sustainability: A Retrospective View

  • Corporate Partner Profile: Erica Chapman, Akamai Technologies

  • MCR Profile: David Klein, Cushman & Wakefield

  • 2020 Vision: CRE’s Role in Creating a Future-Fit Enterprise

  • Good by Design: A Response to the Open Office Debate



March 2019 ISSUE - Editorial Lineup

  • Corporate Occupiers: Strengthen Your Role in Place Making

  • A Fundamental Shift in How Companies View the Workplace

  • The Next Phase of the Flexible Workspace Evolution

  • Privacy, Please!

  • Geopolitical and Trade Tensions: Strategic Real Estate Planning in a Volatile World

  • Labor Analytics and Corporate Location Decisions

  • Trends in Corporate Location Decisions

  • Designing a Workplace That Attracts Top Talent and Maximizes Productivity

  • Efficiency Optimization Using Digital Analytics

  • Health and Wellness in the Workplace

  • The Healthy Building Movement

  • The Future is Gen Z: Anticipating Changes in Office Design and Real Estate Strategies




December 2018 ISSUE - Editorial Lineup

**Featuring the Annual Economic Developer Directory**

  • Be an Outsider at Work 

  • The Consumerization of the Workplace

  • Understanding the Smart Office: A Corporate Real Estate Guide to IoT in the Workplace 

  • Designing for a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace at Microsoft

  • Driving Change: CRE/FM Leadership at ABB in a Global Manufacturing Environment

  • High-Performance Change: Leadership in Corporate Real Estate 

  • Corporate Real Estate Executive of the Year – Finalists and Winner

  • Young Leader of the Year – Finalists and Winner

  • Distinguished Leader Recognition Program – Inaugural Winner

  • Unilever: Transforming Workplace Services through Robotic Process Automation


MATERIALS DUE: 10/23/2018

September 2018 ISSUE - Editorial Lineup

**Bonus Distribution at the 2018 North American Summit in Boston and the 2018 EMEA Summit in Madrid**

  • The Financial Workplace 

  • Data Governance

  • The Convergance of Real Estate and Technology

  • Want to Prepare for the Future? Understand Human Behavior 

  • Global Innovator's Award Finalists

  • Autonomous Vehicles and their Impact on CRE

  • Workplace Transformation at Novartis 

  • The Changing Face of Bank Headquarters: National and Cultural Contexts 

  • Global Occupiers Survey: Key Findings 

  • Henkel’s North American Consumer Goods Headquarters 

  • The Digital Workplace 

  • Buildings 2050: The Cognitive Building and Digital Twins 


MATERIALS DUE: 7/20/2018

June 2018 ISSUE - Editorial Lineup

  • Value Creation in CRE 

  • Workplace Design 

  • Vertex HQ Transformation 

  • Wellness 

  • CRE, Health and Well-being

  • Novartis Workplace Transformation 

  • Risk (or) Technology

  • Boosting Workplace Productivity with Indoor Positioning Systems

  • Trends in Corporate Real Estate Outsourcing

  • Women in Corporate Real Estate

  • RMI's New Innovation Center in Basalt, Colorado

  • Career Mapping in CRE


MATERIALS DUE: 4/20/2018

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